December 2014

18th December 2014

Celebrities Who Have Stopped Smoking Using Hypnotherapy

There are celebrities who have used hypnotherapy. They are as prone as we are to bad habits – perhaps even more so, with all the temptations that a celebrity life lays out before them. One of the most mundane habits that many celebrities and many of us as well have is smoking. Celebrities can turn to all kinds of expensive […]
18th December 2014

Having A Large Waist Reduces Life Expectancy…

Scientists warn that a large waist can take around five years off your life – even if your BMI is healthy.  Researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, US have found that men and women with large waistlines are more likely to die young compared to those with small waists. The study – which took data from 11 different research projects […]
18th December 2014

Millions of Britons Hospitalised for Alcohol Abuse

Shocking new figures reveal almost 10 million people were taken to hospital for alcohol-related problems in just one year. New statistics released by Alcohol Concern have shed light on the booze crisis currently taking hold in Britain. According to the charity, the NHS is facing “intolerable strain” from people needing help for alcohol-related problems. In just one year alone (between […]