6th June 2014

How To Beat Anxiety

Don’t panic! Instead of reaching for a glass of wine, try these: 18 MARCH 2014 } Article by Psychologies Whether it’s fear of what might be around the corner or worry that you’ll make some terrible mistake, the government’s 2013 ONS Wellbeing survey reported that one in five of us experience anxiety on a daily basis while research by Nuffield Health suggests that 23 […]
14th April 2014

Time For A Metal Spring Clean?

This month, I’m focusing on how Hypnotherapy can help people to achieve their goals and get more enjoyment out of life as we head towards summer. Winter can send us into a state of physical and mental “hibernation”, and although many people look ahead to the arrival of Spring and Summer with great optimism and pleasure, for many people (for […]
28th March 2014

Hypnotherapy Helps To Tackle Exam Stress

I am focusing in this article on the issue of stress caused by exams as many people start to revise (or cram) for those oh-so-important examinations this summer. Thousands of people up and down the country will be taking an exam of some sort during the late spring and early summer. Other than the obvious (GCSEs, A levels, and Degrees) […]
6th March 2014

Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep? Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

This is a health issue that has had a lot of coverage recently – insomnia, the inability to get off or stay asleep. Those of us who find it hard to sleep can feel more desperate than ever, tossing and turning or just not getting enough of the restful sleep we need to be healthy and alert. Sleep is increasingly […]
9th February 2014

Modern Lifestyles To Blame For Poor, “Rushed” Eating Habits

Below is an article from the Hypnotherapy Directory – 30/01/14 Recent research reveals the nation’s eating habits, and how busy lifestyles lead to unhealthy diets. A new survey has revealed that women’s busy lifestyles and hectic schedules are to blame for unhealthy eating habits. Researchers asked 500 women to identify themselves from one of seven dieting behaviours – the picker, […]
23rd January 2014

Exams – Stressed?

Exam stress to exam success with hypnotherapy & Life Coaching. Be confident in exams and improve your memory. Do you start to panic at the first mention of exams? Then you are not alone. Exam nerves and stress happen to most of us. The right amount of stress can motivate us and keep us focused. Too much stress and anxiety […]