March 2016

24th March 2016

Visiting A Hypnotherapist Could Be The Smartest Move You Ever Make

If you are British then there is every possibility that one of your character traits is that you are reserved. By that I don’t mean you are booked or the sole property of someone else, I mean that you don’t let on to many people, if any, your personal secrets. As an example, if you sat ten people round a […]
1st March 2016

The Top 5 Hypnosis Myths – Busted!

To some the thought of hypnosis might seem scary or like voodoo! To others it could sound relaxing and useful! What does it mean to you? According to the Collins English Dictionary, hypnosis is: “an artificially induced state of relaxation and concentration in which deeper parts of the mind become more accessible: used clinically to reduce reaction to pain, to encourage […]