November 2016

24th November 2016

How Hypnosis Can Actually Help You Lose Weight?

Here are 10 ways hypnosis can help you lose weight, and maintain your ideal weight thereafter. Hypnosis helps your subconscious mind take back the control over your eating habits. If you currently feel that food controls you and it needs to be the other way around then weight loss hypnosis will support you to achieve that goal. Clinical hypnosis for weight […]
13th November 2016

Why Hypnosis & Not Diets Help You to Lose Weight

It’s that time of year again where the office parties are calling, but maybe your Black Dress or Tuxedo are a little too tight! Now is the time to take charge and potentially let go of half a stone or more, which will not only allow you to get into your party gear, but improve your wellness too! What are […]