27th December 2018

Inspirational Story -“I replaced pain and cruelty with happiness and achievement”

I love an inspirational story and wanted to share a part of Christine Clayfield’s with you, which was printed in Psychologies Magazine (February 2019). If you are seeking change in your life but, finding it difficult to know where to start or find that just the thought of letting go of the past overwhelming, you could try hypnotherapy and life […]
7th September 2018

Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep? Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

This is a health issue that has had a lot of coverage recently – insomnia, the inability to get off or stay asleep. Those of us who find it hard to sleep can feel more desperate than ever, tossing and turning or just not getting enough of the restful sleep we need to be healthy and alert. Sleep is increasingly […]
23rd May 2018

Weight Loss – When ‘will power’ alone just doesn’t work!

Have you tried losing weight with ‘will power’ alone? Have you found it too difficult to stay motivated and focused on your goal? Help is here because there is another way! Hypnotherapy has been proven to work effectively by changing your association with food and keeping you motivated towards your goal.  The benefits of using hypnosis is that the root […]
16th April 2018

Stress can seriously affect your health

Everybody feels the effects of stress from time to time, and the human brain is really good at helping us get through those times, but the very real dangers of long-term stress are maybe more common than you thin and many what would be called ‘physical’ symptoms can be caused, or at least made worse, by stress. A little stress […]
19th March 2018

Pressure, Performance and Peace of Mind Workshop

These interactive and fun workshops are a great way to learn how to identify stress and how to manage/remove stress moving forward. A fun day of learning using some of the latest ‘whole brain’ training techniques including – partner share, group share, facilitated discussions, together with written and practical exercises. No boring PowerPoint presentations; instead we use flipcharts, pens and […]
8th March 2018

5 Signs that you might benefit from therapy

Article taken from Women’s Health online 08/03/18 – by Jessica Powell 25 October 2016 New research suggests that patients make more progress toward overcoming anxiety, fears and phobias when their therapy sessions are scheduled in the morning. The study found that morning sessions helped patients overcome their panic and anxiety and phobic avoidance better, because this is when levels of cortisol […]
18th January 2018

Managing Your Stress in 2018

It seems like stress is just an unavoidable part of today’s fast-paced, competitive world. But is it really? Stress is the body’s instinctive response to external environmental cues, as well as to one’s inner thoughts and feelings. It’s how you react to perceived danger — the “fight or flight” response, for example. But you do have some control over how […]