March 2018

19th March 2018

Pressure, Performance and Peace of Mind Workshop

These interactive and fun workshops are a great way to learn how to identify stress and how to manage/remove stress moving forward. A fun day of learning using some of the latest ‘whole brain’ training techniques including – partner share, group share, facilitated discussions, together with written and practical exercises. No boring PowerPoint presentations; instead we use flipcharts, pens and […]
8th March 2018

5 Signs that you might benefit from therapy

Article taken from Women’s Health online 08/03/18 – by Jessica Powell 25 October 2016 New research suggests that patients make more progress toward overcoming anxiety, fears and phobias when their therapy sessions are scheduled in the morning. The study found that morning sessions helped patients overcome their panic and anxiety and phobic avoidance better, because this is when levels of cortisol […]