12th June 2024

Alternative therapy for OCD

Are you plagued by the pressures of obsessive compulsive disorder? Do you have to run your life around seemingly pointless repetitive rituals and behaviours in order to get any peace of mind? People who have never experienced obsessive compulsive disorder find it very hard to understand, or accept this irrational behaviour. They can’t understand why you can’t just not count to a […]
13th February 2024

How Hypnosis can help you!

You feel safe and listened to You don’t feel judged You’re not afraid to open up You feel free to express your emotions Inner work continues after the session I help people every day to reduce stress, solve problems in their lives, overcome fears & phobia, and improve personal skills & characteristics. Hypnosis is a psychological procedure that can help […]
11th February 2024

Benefits of therapy for improved mental health!

With the help of various therapies, you can learn life skills that go beyond the scope of treatment. An integral aspect of therapeutic intervention involves acquiring skills to manage challenging emotions such as fear, sadness, or anger. You will gain new perspectives and be given strategies & techniques to help manage and reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Some […]
25th January 2024

Are you feeling lost, stressed or anxious?

Are you feeling lost in life, stressed, not sure what your next move is, feeling a lack of motivation, feeling emotionally numb, you’ve lost that spark, or you simply just don’t know what you’re feeling? Living life doesn’t come with a manual to be able to navigate all the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations; education, relationships, careers, missed […]
31st December 2023

Setting INTENTIONS not Resolutions!

It’s become tradition to make New Year’s resolutions each year and so 2024 won’t be an exception!  New hope of creating change in the coming year. In theory, resolutions are a good idea, but often leave many people feeling like they’ve failed by the time February comes around. I believe that by setting intentions for 2024 instead of resolutions, you’ll achieve the […]
18th August 2023

Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks!

Panic attacks can be overwhelming and debilitating, affecting individuals both mentally and physically. If you’re seeking relief from the distressing symptoms of stress, anxiety & panic attacks, hypnotherapy offers a positive solution. By utilising the power of hypnosis, hypnotherapy can help you understand and address the underlying causes of stress, anxiety & panic attacks, empowering you to regain control so […]
2nd May 2023

A successful diet!

As a fully qualified hypnotherapist & life coach and now an accredited 1:1 Diet consultant, I’m here to help you achieve your goals on your weight loss journey with the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. This diet plan works because it’s tailored to your needs and lifestyle, to get you to your goal weight as quickly and safely as […]
31st December 2022


Have you ever set a New Year’s resolution that you actually kept until the end of the year? If the answer is no, you’re not alone! In fact, research shows that only 10% of people successfully stick to their New Year’s resolutions. And multiple psychological studies suggest that New Year’s resolutions don’t really work. So this year, why don’t you […]