Sophia was recommended to us by a friend for my daughter. My daughter was lacking in confidence, struggling to communicate with people, and found every day a struggle. Covid has had a very negative impact on her. Since having three sessions with Sophia, I am confident that she has grown and now has a job interview. Which she is excited about. I would recommend Sophia 100%.


I contacted Sophia after realising that I was struggling with some emotions and unsure what I should do. From the initial enquiry Sophia was warm, empathetic and professional so I instantly felt this is someone I could trust. Well I wasn't wrong, upon meeting Sophia for the Hypnotherapy consultation I felt at ease so we dived straight into the first treatment. The process was explained fully and I was reassured by Sophia's knowledge and understanding for my situation as well as her genuine, caring approach. I left the first session already feeling revived and positive, I was excited for the next sessions we had booked to see the progress we could make. At the start of each session Sophia was genuinely interested to know how my week had been and what positives / wins I had and celebrated them with me! If Hypnotherapy is something you're thinking of but a little unsure, I can guarantee that Sophia will put your mind at complete ease. A warm yet professional and all round lovely lady that I am so so happy I found. Thank you Sophia, you truly have had such a positive impact in a small amount of time and it's been the best decision I've made. Thank you xxx


I contacted Sophia on the basis of a referral and was not disappointed. Sophia showed great understanding and empathy in helping me to work through specific, deep rooted issues. Over a handful of sessions we got to the root cause of said issues and made the necessary changes. Following on from the sessions I could see a notable difference, which has not changed to date. I've been back to see Sophia to address another issue and will do the same again in the near future if I feel the need. Thank you Sophia!


Sophia is the most amazing woman. She has a calm, strong and capable presence which immediately makes you feel reassured and safe. I had done a lot of work to evaluate the triggers and reactions that kept coming up for me. However, there was still an energetic churning within me when certain situations occurred that could be alarming and indeed infuriating considering my understanding that changes and boundaries needed to be set in place. I went to see Sophia to remove whatever still lay active within my mind. I booked in three sessions, I immediately felt safe in her calm space. We had a discussion which was not intrusive and did not require delving deep into past trauma, which was a relief. She then began the process, having established that there were other issues connected to these feelings of fear. I was not sure whether or not it would work as I had never experienced hypnotherapy before, but a week later an incident arose, which would have normally set me off into a pattern of fear and trying to hold space for another at the detriment to my own boundaries and needs. To my surprise, my brain acknowledged the situation, but like a lightbulb moment I became aware that there wasn’t the familiar sense of panic, fear and then reaction. It was almost shocking and delightful at the same time without the presence of these familiar interactions between mind and the physical body, I was able to stand fully in my power, set my boundaries and did not react in the old pattern. To my delight In addition, the usual outcome connected to this fear did not arise and a sense of calm strength set in. I felt an immense sense of joy and freedom, and that my life was about to change and it has. I cannot recommend Sophia highly enough. she’s a kind compassionate woman, who is not only a professional in her field but has a deep, understanding and empathy for those that come to her because she is a true healer who has travelled her own journey of self understanding, healing and empowerment, and through this has a deep desire and compassion to share and be of service to all those that come to her. I’m truly grateful to have her as my therapist and for her guidance.


Sophia, WOW, what can I say? This wonderful woman has changed my life - and I didn’t have to wait until after the 3rd session, because it began immediately after the first- and then intensified after the following sessions. I am a qualified Counsellor and know how to really help people - been doing this for over 30 years. I have had counselling myself, but there was always a part of me that never changed, and that was how my head felt. I am 68, and can never remember feeling real joy or happiness - or love in my life ( I know I am loved, but I didn’t feel it). After my first session, all I can say is that my head immediately felt lighter and I was calmer than ever. After my 3rd session, my whole life had changed and I felt really happy on the inside - that has never happened before. It wasn’t a fleeting moment, it is my permanent state of being now. I would recommend Sophia to anyone in a heartbeat. I wish everyone could experience her wonderful presence and skills - they would never regret it.


I’ve known Sophia for a few years now, she has helped me so much. When I first visited Sophia, i was not in a good place. I was anxious, and had huge confidence issues. I felt an instant warmth when meeting Sophia and i knew i had come to the right person. Sophia is kind, patient and understanding. After three sessions i felt she had got to the very root of my issues which i had buried for so many years. I have continued to go back to see Sophia when I’ve felt the need to. I have continued to grow and I now feel like a totally different person. I have just recently had a Reiki session with Sophia which was amazing! I felt warmth, calmness, peace, it was so relaxing. Sophia felt so much emotion and explained everything when she had finished. It has helped me so much, in so many ways. Thank you Sophia for all you have done for me. I am so very grateful Mxx


I can't thank Sophia enough for her kindness and understanding during my recent last-minute hypnotherapy session. I arrived anxious and upset about an upcoming event. I really wanted to enjoy it, celebrate the occasion and be able to ignore someone's hurtful behaviour. I came out of the session with a calmness that increased over the following few days, with a new perspective and with techniques to deal with my ongoing concerns. The event was fantastic and I genuinely enjoyed myself - last minute changes were dealt with and I coped with the person with a calm indifference to their behaviour. Sophia was recommended by a friend; I'm so glad I took her advice and made an appointment. I've never done anything like this before and I wouldn't have believed one session could have changed my mindset and given me an emotional shield - now I look at the pictures from the day with joy.

T, Basingstoke

I cannot thank Sophia enough for all her help in helping me conquer my fear of flying, especially through turbulence. From our first telephone conversation I knew Sophia was going to help me. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease, and I completely trusted her, from our first session together. Flying was starting to become a real issue for me, feeling anxious the day before and then quite often in tears on the flight. I didn't want this to continue as I didn't feel it was fair on my husband who could do nothing for me other than hold my hand and watch me cry. I was booked in for 3 sessions, but in between the 2nd and 3rd session I had a flight already booked. What a difference! I sat by the window ( something I never would have done before), I was relaxed and looked out of the window for most of the flight. When I got up to go to the loo, I was talking to the stewardess, and it was bumpy, I carried on talking and only realised the seatbelt sign had been put on when I got back to my seat. Before meeting Sophia I would have been in floods of tears and generally a mess. I had my final session today and I couldn't wait to tell Sophia all about my new found joy of flying, and I cant wait until my next flight. I will always be thankful for Sophia's help, and I know my husband will be too, although he may now have to fight me for the window seat!


My first response, when I saw Sophia on the website was, that is the person I want to give me Hypnotherapy.  I was right to choose her, she is warm and open, I felt really comfortable opening up to her. After my first session, I felt more relaxed than I have done in a very long time, my second session, a block inside had disappeared, my confidence boosted, the third session, I felt Sophia had done her job. Thank you, Sophia.


Dearest Sophia, Words are not enough but I’ll give it a go! Since my last session with you, a week ago, I have felt and continue to feel on “top of the world!” I wake with a deep desire to get on and enjoy life to the max. A surge of joy rises with the dawn and like a horse out of the starting gate I’m off with a to-do list in one hand, a purpose in my heart and a big smile on my face. Thank you so much for helping me towards making the most of the rest of my life, wherever that takes me, and for helping me to re-discover the hidden treasures that were buried deep under a whole pile of other peoples’ dirty laundry. I know this is a cliché but it happens in my case to be true ‘IT’S NEVER TO LATE!’ and it’s never too late, if like me, you are lucky enough to find a wonderful professional, practitioner like you Sophia! Wishing you all the very best. Lorraine x


(Injection/needle Phobia) – I’ve suffered from a phobia of injections for the last 20 years, due to a traumatic experience as a 9-year-old. After seeing Sophia, I was able to go and have both of my covid-19 vaccinations, and I would say that by the 2nd one I was actually very calm and not too worried about it at all. This could prove to be life-changing for me as it can mean being safer from covid-19, being able to travel more freely and also being able to have injections for any future illnesses/procedures. I can't thank Sophia enough!


Golf Professional

I am a recently qualified driver of a large public transport vehicle. During my first eighteen months, I had a number of minor incidents due to lapses in my own concentration levels. These incidents would have not been of a concern if I had made them later in my career but as I was so new to the role I was under serious pressure from my managers. I had three sessions with Sophia and have been clear of incidents since. I now feel more confident in the role and can concentrate on my driving without any external issues interfering. I would recommend Sophia to anyone who needs help with any kind of memory of concentration issues and believe that she has helped me to keep my job.


I went to see Sophia as I have struggled with back pain and lack of self confidence for a long time. She met me with a bright jumper and a lovely smile - great start! After 3 sessions of hypnotherapy, I have noticed subtle but very powerful results in my reaction to situations. Nobody is perfect and everyone has insecurities for whatever reason, but Sophia is brilliant at helping you realise it, change it and move on. I have renewed internal confidence and am now starting a new career in something I feel very passionate about. I never would have done this a month ago. Thank you Sophia for bringing me to a much happier place. Amanda x


I thought I was going to get help with managing stress due to work- turns out I got a lot more than that. Sophia helped me to realise exactly what was wrong, it gave me the realisation I needed and now I have my life back on track. I’ve not felt this happy and confident for years! Thank you for everything. N xx


I was recommended to see Sophia by a friend. The experience of seeing someone was a first time for me. I felt a bit nervous but was put at ease quite quickly. I felt great after my first session. I felt that when i went for my second session i wanted to put my feet up quite quickly. I highly recommend and I'm looking to book another session soon.


My 10-year-old son had suffered from abdominal migraines on and off for about 6 years, but after a particularly bad couple of months when he was getting 1 or 2 a week, I decided to explore hypnotherapy. The migraines seemed to be brought on in large part by excitement - which Sophia explained has the same effect on the body as stress. The migraines were possibly a way of my son's subconscious mind shutting down his body to avoid what it thought was going to be a stressful experience... He had three fun and relaxing sessions with Sophia, who made him feel very comfortable from the off. A month on, he has had one very mild episode but that is it. I would absolutely recommend Sophia to anyone with this kind of problem. Caroline


I have been seeing Sophia over a number of years and could not recommend someone more highly! Sophia has always gone above and beyond in helping me overcome numerous issues and is someone I feel I can go to with absolutely anything, over the years she has become not just someone I go to for support but a genuine friend that I can confide in with absolute confidence. Initially, I went to Sophia for anxiety I had surrounding exams when I was at school and an OCD problem I had surrounding plugs and locks. This included me videoing myself locking a door and taking a picture of empty plug sockets - issues that are now a distant memory and something I no longer face. Most recently I have gone to Sophia for my fear of animals, mainly fish as I was due to go travelling around Asia and Australia and knew I was highly likely to have to face my fear. My fear of fish had previously prevented me from getting to the sea at all when I was on holiday. After two sessions with Sophia, I set off on my travels and had my first snorkelling trip - not only was I in the sea I was going snorkelling, knowing I was going to come face to face with something I had a fear of for such a long time. Although I was still nervous, Soph provided me with the maturity and sensibility to assess the situation logically - allowing me to understand that these animals were not going to harm me and instead of fear them, learn more about them. Since then I have swum with an array of marine life, snorkelling in Indonesia and most recently the Great Barrier Reef! These snorkelling experiences have been some of my greatest memories whilst travelling all of which I would never have had the courage to do before seeing Sophia. I could not be more thankful to Soph for how much she has helped me overcome certain fears and pressures over the years. Her constant positivity, encouragement and approachable nature leave me feeling like a weight has lifted after every session. Her compassion and endless support is something I will always be sincerely grateful for as she has provided me with the confidence to face certain issues and fears which has ultimately allowed me to become a greater version of myself. To anyone with doubts, or their own issues that are having a negative effect on their well being please please book to see Sophia you will not believe how great the impact will be on your life!! Many thanks, Em xx


I visited Sophia because I was feeling very low. I had no energy, no urge to do anything and kept going back to past events, which was affecting me in a negative way. She worked on my confidence and self-esteem. I now feel happy, confident in myself and my work. I have no more self-doubt, just motivation and drive. Feeling great! Thank you, Sophia.


I found Sophia's Hypnotherapy sessions extremely helpful in dealing with my anxiety/stress. The explanations she gave me before the Hypnotherapy sessions began were very informative, and put me at my ease. I would, and do thoroughly recommend her to anyone with any similar problems

Mrs S

I had tried many different ways to stop biting my nails, none of which were successful. After just one session with Sophia I had already noticed that I was not drawing my nails towards my mouth and now after three sessions, and four weeks later I am still not biting my nails and they look great!


I just wanted to express my appreciation for the huge change you have helped me make, and hopefully give others in a similar situation some hope. As you know I was left with severe pain following a riding accident and surgery to repair and pin my badly broken shoulder, and as a result I was finding it difficult to make progress with my rehabilitation. I had hit a brick wall with physiotherapy with the pain I was experiencing restricting any further potential mobility. I would whole heartedly recommend Reflections Hypnotherapy After the first session of hypnotherapy I was totally amazed, as was my physiotherapist! The range of movement in my shoulder increased immediately and I was actually able to control the level pain I was feeling. Movement became easier and my almost useless arm began to be useable again. After two more sessions with you I am now experiencing less pain on a daily basis and have even managed to reduce the amount of pain killing medication. Thank you so much for giving me a real chance of a good recovery. Your warm and calming approach put me immediately at ease and I found the whole experience wonderfully relaxing. And, my sleep has improved too... I now find myself imagining your incredibly soothing voice telling me that I'm deeply relaxed as I drift off to sleep! I had never considered myself a person that hypnotherapy would work for... I always question everything for a start, but now I am so glad that I came to you and I would whole heartedly recommend Reflections Hypnotherapy.


I gave up smoking for 15 years, but started again 4 years ago due to work pressures. I decided I needed to give up last year due to health problems. I tried Nicotine gum first, but got fed up with having an aching jaw all the time from chewing, so decided to opt for Nicotine patches. These didn't work either and I was becoming quite despondent and started to feel low about everything. Someone suggested Hypnotherapy, and told me of their friend at Reflections Hypnotherapy. I called and spoke with Sophia who was very helpful, and explained a bit about what Hypnotherapy is all about, and then suggested that I make an appointment for a 15 – 20 minute consultation. I had the consultation, and felt so empowered by how hypnosis works and the positive suggestions that you receive when hypnotized, that I went straight into my first Stop Smoking session. I booked another two sessions over the following two weeks as recommended, and have to say that I haven't looked back since. Many thanks Sophia, David I AM NOW A NON-SMOKER, and know that I will never smoke again.


I was smoking around 30 cigarettes a day and had been trying to stop smoking for a year. I felt that I was being influenced by my partner who also smokes that amount and who regularly said she did not want to stop. Exactly 4 weeks ago, on 9th March, I attended hypnotherapy to stop smoking with Sophia Steeden. Having completed a short form beforehand, we discussed what I had written and then embarked on the session itself. Sophia stopped smoking in this way, is reassuring, positive and professional. The hypnotherapy was very relaxing, I could hear all that was said and I felt comfortable throughout, time seemed infinite. Afterwards I was very energised and immediately realised that I just had no desire for a cigarette again. My partner and most of our friends just carry on smoking around me and I have no desire at all to join in. Brilliant! Thank you SO much, I am recommending your service to everybody who is as stunned as I am that I have stopped without any stress at all.


I contacted Sophia for help with weight loss. Through a mix of hypnotherapy and discussion I have now developed a more positive attitude to food. I have finally accepted that things will take time and won't happen over night and small lapses are not the end of the world.


Hypnotherapy came to my aid when I thought that nothing could help. Having never learned to swim as a youngster (and as the years passed developed a sort of fear of water) I set myself the challenge and booked lessons. After more than a dozen lessons I really wasn't getting anywhere, got into a real state before each lesson, decided it was a silly idea and not for me. The owner of the swimming school offered me one to one private lessons and took me on as her personal challenge I think! Although the instruction was brilliant I still couldn't get to grips with the fear and again began to think that enough was enough. I happened to be clicking around on the Internet with reference to dealing with phobias and the like and found several sites relating to hypnotherapy, and my interest was aroused. I looked for practitioners local to me and contacted Sophia, who responded immediately with such great enthusiasm that I arranged my first session and have not looked back, except to deal with people and thoughts that were detrimental to my overall wellbeing. I felt very safe and at ease with Sophia right from our first meeting, and each session was tailored to my personal needs, which were discussed in great detail before and after each trance. Sophia was always pleased to receive feedback between appointments, which I found very helpful and supportive. I have been given several 'tools' which help me maintain my positivity and confidence, and I have no doubt at all that I will be swimming unaided very soon. I have also been able to address several other issues which came to light during my sessions, and certainly wouldn't hesitate to use hypnotherapy and Sophia again should the need arise.


I just want to say a huge 'Thank You' to Sophia. I have had a weight problem for many years and nothing seemed to work - but thanks to Sophia's persistance and probing whilst under hypnosis we finally hit the root of the problem. She then unleashed her secret weapon - a hypno-gastric band. WOW! It has made such a difference to my outlook on food and at last the weight is coming off - slowly but steadily and blips are just that - blips, not full blown 'blow it I might as well eat the contents of the fridge now' events. So again


Hi Sophia… Sorry I have not updated you! Been as usual busy.busy….No didn't get to test it in London but just got back from New York and although I didn't go up the Empire State Building, I did other tricks like walk across Brooklyn Bridge and was virtually hanging off Manhattan Bridge.. Absolutely over the moon with the results so far. I would have never done those things before I came to you!!!!!! I will of course do my London Eye thing with my grandchildren in June, but am not worried about that, in fact I am looking forward to it……Cant thank you enough for what you done for me…..Thanks Sophia…

Gary B

I found Sophia through a local Mothercare Evening and so glad I made contact. With a fear of needles and the pending labour of my first child, I wanted to try anything that would keep me calm. Hypnobirthing certainly works. In the end I had a very quick labour with no medical intervention. I tried to use all the techniques Sophia had taught me and I'm sure my subconscious mind automatically kicked in too. I really think many people underestimate the power of your mind and I think I am testament to Hypnobirthing working. When baby Chloe arrived she was very calm, I truly believe this is a direct result of me being relaxed and in control. Thank you Sophia, I will certainly recommend you to others.

Claire & Chloe

Wow!! Thank you. Because of your help, im so pleased to tell you that today was a huge success. I definitely couldnt have overcome my fear without your help, it was amazing! I actually enjoyed the seminar and had some fantastic feedback. What an amazing experience to finally, after all these years, believe in myself. I feel like a different person and will hang on to this positive experience for the rest of my life. When I called you a few weeks ago, I was absolutely desperate to find a solution and thinking back to how I was feeling then compared to now is truly remarkable! So thank you again, what a great job you have, it's been such a pleasure spending time with you.


At the age of 49 I suffered not one, but two strokes and spent fourteen long weeks in hospital. Due to the love and care from both my family and medical staff I was able to return home but still had many challenges to face. Before the strokes I had always had an issue with heights, but now with my confidence at a low as mobility was limited,this affected me so much that the thought of going upstairs or looking out of a first floor window was traumatic! My greatest wish after the strokes was to get back my life and be able to do the things with my family that I did before, this height issue was restricting this. I researched hypnotherapy and found Sophia and as my wife put it "you will never know until you try it, anything that helps has got to be worth it". We both agree it was well worth it! During my first visit, Sophia made it very clear that Stroke was a condition she had not worked with before although the height issue was something she helped many others with. Her interest in helping others shone through and both my wife and I felt safe and confident in her care. Sophia worked on both my height issues and my confidence, and gradually not only myself but others noticed a difference in my confidence to tackle everyday tasks. I was also able to go up and down stairs without feeling the anxiety I had before. I can now open our bedroom curtains and look at the view which before Sophia's help was too traumatic. Both my wife and I cannot thank Sophia enough for her help, compassion and support. My recovery continues and will do I hope for a long time but would not be where it is today without Sophia. We would recommend and indeed have done so already to people who are now seeking help from Sophia.

Richard & Lesley

So rarely do people walk into your life and leave such a warm enduring imprint, so quickly. Sophia is one of those people. I was out of options and needed help. Three hypnosis therapy sessions and some talking with Sophia, has set me back on the right track. I feel changed, more confident and back in control. I am recovering from a massive life changing injury, which threw me into complete disarray three years ago. My injury will be life long and I have just won my court case which is helping me to bring things to a close and move on, but I was very anxious and could not manage panic attacks (despite high dosage meds) in certain situations. Talking with Sophia from the outset and then subsequent sessions, I was reassured, calmed and handed back the control I had lost. Sophia tailored my sessions following feedback from each and we tried several techniques. I would definitely recommend talking to Sophia, if you are suffering from loss in confidence and anxiety of a long term issue. Thank you Sophia, my family have their daughter, mum and wife back.


Baby Reflux

Having developed a terrible fear of flying in the last few years, I booked to see Sophia to try to sort it out. After 3 sessions, I felt much calmer about the thought of getting on a plane and was so happy when I actually went on a flight and was completely unphased by the engine noises and slight turbulence. I didn't have to take any medication or even think about needing it and now can very happily look forward to my next holiday. I am totally over my flying phobia and just wish I'd booked to see Sophia sooner!


Sophia Steeden offers an oasis of calm and understanding for the troubled mind. Hypnotherapy is not scary or false, with Sophia's guidance one can achieve a deep state of relaxation enabling racing thoughts and anxieties to be soothed. Repetition of calm sensible words enables the client to challenge and manage difficult feelings and thoughts. I can thoroughly recommend her and her way of working.


How has my life changed since Sophia came into it? Where do I start? I went to see her because I had very low self esteem, did not know where my life was going, I was miserable in my job, I hadn't got over my divorce, I was seriously overweight and this list could continue. With patience and understanding Sophia has helped me changed my view about myself, and I feel so much better about life in general. In the last two years I have dealt with a number of life challenging events and faced up to the changes I have needed to make. And whilst I am still changing I feel brave enough to keep going. And Sophia has also persuaded me to work with a personal trainer. Now that is pretty radical for someone like me!! I can't thank Sophia enough for her compassion, expertise, humour and unending support. She certainly goes above and beyond and I highly recommend her to anyone.


I had been suffering from OCD for a long time and admitting I had a problem was the hardest part of my journey, I was embarrassed and self-conscious, I had got to the stage where I did not know what to do or where to go. I felt lonely and confused. Sophia was then recommended to me by a friend and I can honestly say it was the best thing that could have happened. At first I did not know what to think! But I kept an open mind and made the call. Since my sessions with Sophia I feel great, even after my first appointment I had noticed the change within myself and my habit's. I was positive and felt like me again. I am not going to lie and say it's been an easy journey but I can most definitely tell you that Sophia has played a huge part in my life and since meeting her my life has changed. With Sophia's help I have turned things around and I am now back in control. I would highly recommend Sophia. She is the most genuine person I have had the pleasure of meeting and excellent at the services she provides. I would like to THANK YOU Sophia for everything you have done for me.

S x London

I knew of Sophia through a mutual friend and when I bumped into her at the hairdressers, two weeks before I was due to go on holiday with my family, it seemed like it had happened for a reason. Having had a fear of flying for many years, I'd spent well over a week thinking about giving her a call but I'd not quite had the courage to pick up the phone. I'd got to the stage where I couldn't look forward to the holiday because the thought of the flight filled me with terror; instead I was thinking of how best to break the news to my husband and children that I wasn't going to be able to go with them. Once I'd explained how desperate I was to Sophia everything happened so quickly. Not only did she book me an appointment there and then to fit around my working hours but she told me that I was going to be ok and, that she would definitely be able to help me, even with just one session. I'm not sure if I believed her or not but I immediately felt better knowing that there was a chance. I went to my first session not daring to think whether it would or wouldn't work but desperately hoped that it would. My husband was also optimistic but reminded me in the nicest possible way that I was a bit of a “control freak” so as not to get my hopes up. I left Sophia's house after my first session of hypnotherapy generally feeling less anxious about everything and more positive about the future. After the second session I felt like a completely different person. It wasn't until I actually got on the plane that I realized how right Sophia had actually been when she'd said that she could help me. It was unbelievable. I wasn't shaking, I didn't cry, my heart was beating calmly and not only were my eyes open for take off but I even found myself looking out of the window! All this without any tablets or alcohol. Even on the way home I managed to keep myself together despite the bumpy descent and landing. It felt like a miracle. I cannot thank Sophia enough. Her positivity, encouragement, understanding and hypnotherapy sessions were worth every penny to me and even if she hadn't managed to take away my fear of flying, I can honestly say that I have never experienced a more relaxing way to spend an hour! For anyone out there that might be in two minds as to whether or not the service Sophia provides can help them, I have only one thing to say... just pick up the phone!!!