Habits, Fears & Phobias

Habits, Fears & Phobias

Ever feel like you are suffering from something that is outside of your control? Unwanted, repetitive habits taking over your life? Phobias stopping you doing what you’d really like to do?

A wide range of habits, problems and concerns respond well to treatment with hypnotherapy and NLP..

Unwanted Habits

We may not be aware of some habits, like teeth-grinding while asleep. Some habits even become obsessive-compulsive, such as nail-biting, hair-pulling and skin-picking. Others, such as drinking, can alter our lives and even threaten them.

People often find it difficult to deal effectively with problem habits. They are already too emotionally involved in their problem habit and have often become used to it – it becomes an accepted habit. The good news is that we are all very good at achieving goals, the more specific the better, and breaking an unwanted habit can simply be a matter of setting a goal at an unconscious level, using the power of hypnosis and NLP.

Overcoming Fears & Phobias

What’s the difference between fears and phobias? A fear is what we feel when we are in the presence of danger, when the flight or fight mechanism kicks in. Phobias are similar, often extreme intense feelings of fear caused by a situation or object that does not actually pose any real danger to us.

Feeling out of control is common with many phobias, bringing with it stress, anxiety and often panic. People tend to go out of their way to avoid the catalyst for their phobia – but this only re-enforces the link between the situation or object and the fear.

People have specific phobias about all kinds of things. Here are just a few that hypnotherapy and NLP can help with:

Flying; Spiders and insects; animals; open spaces; enclosed spaces; the dark; being sick or choking; needles; and the list goes on…

By using hypnotherapy and NLP, your subconscious mind will become indifferent to the particular object of fear, so that you will be less affected by it in the future.