Hypno Gastric Band

The Virtual Hypno Gastric Band VHGB is intended for people who have stones rather than just pounds to lose. Anyone who is overweight by 2 stone or more may want to consider the VHGB.

Benefits of having a Virtual Gastric Band:

  • No invasive surgery
  • No worries and anxiety about having surgery
  • No discomfort and side effects associated with surgery
  • Virtual Hypno Gastric Bands are much more cost effective
  • No prolonged recovery time off work
  • Eradication of your unwanted food triggers
  • VHGB is 80% successful compared to actual surgery at approximately 65-70%

This is a totally safe alternative to having real gastric band surgery.

The Process:

The first 4 sessions can take place over a week or two week period.

Session 1 (Approx 1.5hrs): During this session we will discuss the weight loss questionnaire that I will have asked you to complete and return to me prior to our first meeting. We will work out a programme that will work for you, together with eliminating the trigger problems and self-limiting beliefs that you may have, so you are able to move forward in life with a positive outlook. We will record your weight, BMI and blood pressure. Hypnosis: Preparation for weight loss.

Session 2 (Approx 1.5hr): We’ll discuss the previous session. Talk through how you are feeling and any questions that you may have thought of. We will continue to work on any trigger problems or self-limiting beliefs. Hypnosis: Reinforcement.

Session 3 (Approx 1.5hr):As Session 2. Hypnosis: Stomach Shrinking.

Session 4 (Approx 1.5hrs):As Session 2 & 3. We’ll discuss the fitting of the Virtual Hypno Gastric Band and what will happen next. Hypnosis: Fitting the Virtual Hypno Gastric Band.

8 Week Check-up (Approx 1.5hrs): We’ll discuss all sessions, together with how you are feeling and thoughts or questions that you have. We will again record your weight, BMI and blood pressure. We’ll assess if the Hypno Gastric Band needs to be tightened or loosened. Hypnosis: Tweaking the Band or Relaxation/Confidence. If you are on target, and I decide that the band does not need to be tweaked, I will carry out a general relaxation/confidence hypnosis session.

Cost: £450 – This includes the initial 4 sessions, and the 8 week check-up, information folder and motivational download. Payment is to be made in full at the first session.