Smoking Cessation

If stopping smoking was a simple conscious decision, you would have made that decision already, and you would be a non-smoker. In fact it is the subconscious mind that drives the desire to smoke, usually associating times (after a nice meal), places (in the pub), and feelings (when feeling stressed), with lighting a cigarette.

Hypnotherapy allows you to re-write those associations quickly, so that you can make the easy transition to a healthy non-smoker pain free, without cravings or stress. This is because hypnotherapy, unlike Nicotine replacement treatments, helps you to become a non-smoker without continuing to put nictoine and other chemicals into your body.

Stop smoking hypnosis is booked over 2 sessions. At the first session the habit is broken. It does not matter how many you used to smoke a day or for how long you have smoked. All that’s needed is the desire factor, for the stop smoking hypnotherapy suggestions to work. The follow up session will empower you to become a non-smoker for life, and will reinforce the positive suggestions made. Stop Smoking Hypnosis is charged at £150 for both sessions.

What the Average Smoker Could Save